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Case Study

LeadVenture Analyzed Their Risk
Within Hours Using DeepSurface

The Challenge

The Log4Shell vulnerability was one of the most serious cybersecurity threats in recent years. This vulnerability enabled remote attackers to take control of devices running certain versions of Log4j 2. LeadVenture’s challenge was understanding how to prioritize their patches.


LeadVenture was able to complete their Log4j vulnerability analysis and prioritization in under five hours. Their IT team could immediately see each host that contained the vulnerability and met the conditions to be exploited.

DeepSuface ranked each instance by risk, considering the asset’s criticality and exposure to attackers. The team had their patching plan completed that same day.

  • Speed - Automated prioritization in under five hours.
  • Scalability - Lead Venture prioritized risk across thousands of hosts.
  • Reporting - Exportable reports, showing real-time business risk.

There will always be another Log4j, DirtyPipe, or PrintNightmare. Be prepared for the next major cybersecurity threat facing your organization by using DeepSurface Security’s vulnerability management platform. You won’t just gain peace of mind, you’ll reclaim hours of time.

Download: Case Study

Learn how LeadVenture analyzed and prioritized their risk to enable a response within hours to Log4j.