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How to Choose the Right Vulnerability Management Solution

Despite advancements in vulnerability management over the last decade, most organizations continue to rely solely on CVSS scores from vulnerability scanners or CVSS scores in conjunction with threat intel feeds to prioritize their remediation efforts. Because these strategies do not consider most of the context about network, host configuration, user activity, or permissions, prioritizing using CVSS scores or CVSS+Intel is little better than guessing, according to a recent report from the Cyentia Institute.

The DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer platform imports vulnerability scanner and EDR results, then automatically gathers all the other necessary context from network, hosts, directory servers, and databases to determine if and how a vulnerability could be used in an end-to-end attack scenario. DeepSurface then calculates how much real business risk each vulnerability poses to an organization, considering all adjacent exploitable vulnerabilities and where they are on attack pathways to sensitive assets.

Download the Matrix

Discover how the DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer platform stacks up against using vulnerability scanners alone or in conjunction with threat intel feeds.